Corporate portrait Fotograf Kaiserslautern

Statistics show that since the beginning of the health crisis due to COVID-19, the demand for professional portraits, business portraits or corporate portraits has continued to increase. Photographers who specialize in this type of portrait are increasingly in demand.

There are several reasons for this, all more or less related.

A photographer helping get through the health crisis

Corporate portrait Fotograf Kaiserslautern

Habits have to develop. This is perfectly normal in a world that is constantly changing itself. However, certain events are accelerating the pace of this change, killing habits faster and more radically than we thought.

The health crisis due to COVID-19 is one of the events that will have most radically changed our professional habits.

The relationships between people, between professionals from all fields have been digitized, virtualized. From now on, and more than ever, we’ll see each other before we meet. When you know that people form an initial opinion of their new interlocutor in less than 20 ms, it is easy to understand why profile photos, corporate portraits and even business portraits have become even more important than the first handshake.

In fact, the profile picture has become a digital handshake. Photographers also specialize in this type of portrait, which requires an understanding of the job market and its specifics.

The brand image (personal branding) or personal image in professional social networks

Headshots Porträt Fotograf Kaiserslautern

Another consequence of the fact that our professional and personal relationships have shifted to the internet and digitalized: Today we are known much more first through our online presence than through a physical meeting.

As with professional relationships, you may first know about your encounters through their photos on social networks. Therefore, it has also become essential to present yourself on the Internet from the best side of the world and to entrust this to an expert in this field: a photographer.

This applies to social networks like Facebook or Instagram, but also dating sites like Tinder, Parship, ElitePartner, FinYa, eDarling).

A photographer to help you make a difference in an increasingly competitive world.

Business portrait Fotograf Kaiserslautern

Finally, it is sometimes useful to remember that almost everything is born, lives and dies on the Internet.

Of course, this also includes the professional careers that increasingly arise through the use of the Internet. More and more job offers are first placed online on the Internet. More and more CVs are published on the Internet. How do you manage to make a profile visible to attract an employer’s attention when there are millions of profiles on sites like Linkedin or Indeed?

And when you apply for a job opportunity, how do you stand out and create that little difference that selects you and not someone else?
The answer is already obvious: the professional profile photo, the corporate portrait or business portrait!

20ms!! 20ms!! It only takes 20 ms to form an initial opinion of a candidate. The most important 20 ms in a career. Above all, we must not neglect this moment that makes or breaks careers.

So, if you finally want to equip yourself with the best tools to successfully optimize your online presence, your brand image, personal branding or even the image of your company without going big and very expensive, first contact a specialized photographer in professional portrait, corporate portrait, business portrait. He will listen to you, understand you and your goals, and advise you so that together you can achieve your personal and professional goals.

Remember that the next 20 ms can be crucial for you or your company. So don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a photographer who specializes in personal branding, headshots or corporate portraits. Just ask Google!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. A photographer is not only there to take pictures, but also to give valuable advice.

And if the only thing stopping you from taking this step is the fact that you don’t find yourself photogenic, I strongly encourage you to read the article I wrote on the subject!

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