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The headshot, company portrait, business portrait and its advantages
The term headshot was born in the USA in the world of cinema.

The actors or actresses who apply for a role provide a portrait that makes them stand out. In addition to being able to show the face as best as possible, this portrait needs to convey an emotion to grab the casting director’s attention among hundreds if not thousands of uses.

A good portrait is essential to a person’s digital identity and therefore hiring a headshot and business portrait photographer is essential.


The success of this type of photo is so great that it has become a discipline in its own right and many photographers have specialized in this art and that it is no longer limited to the world of cinema.

Real estate agents were the first to recognize the potential of a headshot, corporate portrait and what it could do for them.

Like the film stars climbing the red carpet at the Cannes or Berlin festivals, they are photographed because they are there to manage their image and win contracts.

A good headshot not only attracts a potential customer’s attention, it also creates trust. In fact, focusing on the face makes it easier to convey emotions such as trust, determination, sympathy, and accessibility. Therefore, a headshot (or modern premium application photo) brings more customers to you.

In today’s hyper-digital world, online profile pictures have become an essential element in managing the digital identity of a person or a company. As mentioned earlier, a good headshot will draw the recruiter’s attention to your online profile, LinkedIn, Indeed, or Xing.

The photos on the company’s website also add to the company’s digital identity. A company has values ​​that it wants to communicate and it starts with the photos, application photo, this company and its employees, managers.


Let’s forget the selfie and the vacation photo. While these are funny or personable at times, they don’t reflect your professionalism. Photo ID is very useful … for passports.

Then the studio photo, taken in 10 minutes with a photographer without him knowing how to guide you and get the best out of you.

Corporate headshot Kaiserslautern

Finally, in the top of the basket, we can quote the art photo of the Harcourt studios, a real institution that will immortalize your fifteen minutes of fame in a coveted style.

In the jungle of social networks, known as “social selling”, you have to stand out with your image in order to achieve your professional goals

You need to improve your image as naturally as possible. This is where a good headshot photographer will take you.


The headshot is above all a professional photo of the working world with which you can prove your professionalism on your résumé, your business card or on a website such as LinkedIn, Xing, Indeed and increasingly on social networks. (See the examples in our portfolio)

A headshot is complex to perform. In fact, not only does it show the face of the actor, entrepreneur, CEO or “Cs”, student, it also highlights the characteristics of their personality.

A good headshot needs to get the attention of the person watching it, be it the casting director, future client, recruiter, or potential professional partner.

A headshot is therefore a professional photo taken by a professional for a professional.

The term headshot is known outside of the United States. In France, Spain and the Netherlands, for example, a photographer specializing in headshots is increasingly being used for an online profile such as LinkedIn (learn how to set up your Linkedin profile with my guide) or Xing, for the company’s website or in politics.

But the headshot is too often mistaken for a portrait. A headshot is a portrait … a portrait is not always a headshot.

Initially, the headshot only shows the face and shoulders to better focus on the view and emphasize the personality.

Unlike a portrait, nothing should distract the attention of the person viewing the picture: neither the background nor the accessories.

The headshot focuses on the face, on the personality. For this reason, headshots are often taken on a plain white, gray or black background and no accessories such as hats, caps or scarves appear. Often times, to highlight your personality, the top of the head is clipped off. Why? To tighten the framework for what communicates the emotions best: the face.

And then, let’s face it, everyone has a head, right? We know it’s there, but what’s the point in this photo?

The subject of the photo is YOU … and nothing else


From the moment you need to convey an emotion, you need to bring in a specialized photographer, as this is the essence of his art. In other words:

  • Do you need a new passport or identity card? A photo taken by a machine is enough.
  • Would you like to put all the chances of success on your side and draw attention to yourself? So don’t hesitate to entrust your success to a photographer.

Personal Branding Fotograf Kaiserslautern

“The perfect application photo starts with the subtleties and details, which every viewer perceives at least subliminally and which nevertheless have a great influence on your effect”


The purpose of ID photos is to show someone’s face in order to identify the person! This type of photo shows “what you look like” … not who you are!

The headshot is very different from the ID photo in that it really shows who you are. Nowadays, a large number of recruiters consult the applicant’s profile on LinkedIn or Xing before finally inviting them for an interview.

Bewerbungsfotos Kaiserslautern

Candidates need to manage their brand image like a company needs to manage their own. It’s not enough to show your face to hope for an interview. Recruiting is generally not based on aspect, but based on an emotion, a feeling … and skills!

A good headshot won’t make you find a job … but it does encourage the recruiter to read your profile online as the photo engages you and sets you apart from the crowd and the competition.

Corporate portrait

The company portrait must reflect the company’s values. Whether for an internal website or for marketing purposes, this is the company’s identity.

A specialist photographer knows how to listen and understand the needs of the business and certainly will not snap the same photos for the CEO, customer service member, or the salespeople.

The values ​​to be communicated are those of the company and each position within this company must be presented differently:

The manager’s trust, his will to develop, his determination. The charisma and sympathy of the seller. The appearance of the customer service representative is very approachable and friendly.

All of these criteria are not that easy to meet.

Expensive and professional equipment is not enough.

Businessfoto Kaiserslautern

“It is not because we have the best pots in the world that we can make the best soup!”

Ditto for this type of photography. Whether it is your LinkedIn or Xing profile, whether you are an entrepreneur, actor, singer, writer or politician, the photographer who specializes in headshots can highlight the characteristics of your personality that will help you achieve your goals.


It takes time to get a good headshot

First of all, there is a time to learn. It takes time for the photographer to understand the lighting, the instructions to be given, and the psychology associated with such a photo shoot. He has to learn and use the right lighting, the right position and adjust them to his client so that the facial expression corresponds to the goals of the subject.

It’s time to learn. Headshot is a specialty that takes some time to understand and master.

But the photographer isn’t the only one who needs time. The model too.

It’s not easy to stand in front of the camera and convey emotions. Not everyone is born an actor!

In addition, the photographer has to get to know his subject, his personality and also take his time.

For this reason, a photo session with a photo will take longer than a photo session with a passport.

You need to create a relationship of trust between the subject and the photographer and make the session “enjoyable” to get the most of it.

Headshot Photographer gives you the right guidelines and directions to highlight your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

This photographer analyzes your needs and tailors the feelings that best suit you. The method currently in vogue that gives the best results is undoubtedly that implemented by Peter Hurley. It’s based on a simple idea: everyone is photogenic! Just find the key and take your time.

The people who attended these sessions can best describe them.

Real therapy. After that, you don’t behave like that in front of a camera.


The New Yorker Peter Hurley is certainly the best headshot photographer in the world.

In addition to his easily identifiable style, he founded the “Headshot Crew” a few years ago.

Photographers from all over the world are listed there.

As already mentioned, this photography style is still in its infancy in Germany. There are therefore only a few specialized photographers. If you go for this style of photography now, you will have an edge over the competition.

Don’t hesitate to take the plunge and put the odds on your side.

And if what is holding you back now doesn’t feel photogenic, check out this article.

Invest in what is most valuable to you: YOU!

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