“”There is never a second chance for a good first impression””

— David Swanson

Your Photographer for headshot, corporate portrait, in the service of your “personal branding”

Health crisis caused by COVID-19 has made digitization ,  more important than ever and a photographer can help you through this change.

 . By changing the way we now deal with human contacts, we have been led to “digitize” them and the photo that appears on screens has therefore replaced the handshake to introduce ourselves.

A world where everything we doeverything we are, can affect our future plans or projects.

Whether looking for a new job (on LinkedInXingIndeed for example), a new role in a movie, seeking success in an election campaign, or trying to create connection in BtoB or BtoC, we now have to manage a new parameter: our personal branding!

So how do we stand out from  the crowd when online are thousands of candidatesactorspoliticians and businessprofiles?

This is exactly where the photographer specialized in headshotbusiness portrait  can help you.

Headshot | Coportate portrait | Online profile picture

How a headshot, corporate portrait can help you change, improve your career.

Have you ever imagined the daily life of a recruiter seeing on various websites like LinkedInXing, or Indeeddozens, even hundreds, if not thousands, of candidate profiles ?

Can you imagine the casting director reviewing dozens of applications for a role in an advertisement or movie?

Did you notice that all these billboards along the streets  during an election campaign?

Have you ever visited a company’s website to get to know it and understand it better?

How do you get this recruiter, this casting director, this future client to focus more on your profile than any other?

You have to convey an emotion to him from the first few seconds, challenge him, arouse his curiosity, let him feel “something”.

All of this goes through the photo of your profile or your election billboard, your website.

Personal Branding Photographer for businesses and entrepreneurs

“Mother Nature hates a vacuum”

Have you ever heard that saying? Well, you know that this saying applies to your online presence as well!

If you don’t take care of your personal branding nowadays, your potential future customers, partners, employees will leave their own impression on you or your company.

Whether you are an individual who cares about managing his “e-reputation” the best he can to show that he is the best candidate for a position.

Whether you are a public figureactorsingerathlete or politician and you want to reach out to more and more people to get your message across effectively.

Regardless of whether you are a company and want to communicate your values ​​in order to win new customers or partners.

You can no longer neglect the power of social networks and the image you convey on the internet.

Social networks make and break reputations. As such, they are, more than ever, a powerful communication channel for advertising.

Thanks to your photographer who specializes in personal branding, you can define your strategy, optimize your brand, your image and the message, the values ​​you want to communicate.

Marketing agencies will define a strategy for you … then send you to a photographer.

Almost all photographers will take pictures of you … without having defined a strategy to help you communicate your message.

We offer you a service that very few photographers offer in Germany (even in Europe): We define your strategytogether, we plan the photos you need and we take your photos always respecting our strategy.

Lifestyle Photos In France

Lifestyle Photos In France

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