Photo shooting : Frequently Asked Questions about corporate Headshots

– What will my headshot look like in the end?

You have probably seen my style in my headshot section. I shoot on a solid background, usually white, gray, or black because not only does it look modern, but it also helps make your eyes brighter and skin tones healthier. To highlight your characteristics, I adjust the lighting for each client. You not only book a shoot but also real coaching that emphasizes trust and accessibility. I attach great importance to your photo, which shows an authentic expression. My goal: to show you your best side.

– Do you offer photo shooting on location?

Yes. Some clients prefer me to come to their home or company for convenience, others prefer to take photos in the headshot studio in Kaiserslautern. Contact me for more details.

– Do I need to make an appointment?

ll headshot sessions, whether for individuals or large groups, are by appointment only. Whether in the studio or at your location, a reservation is required in order to make the most of your and my time.
To understand why time is crutial, read the article I wrote on my blog

– What should I wear for the shooting?

Whether for business or corporate headshots or casual chic, always wear your favorite clothes.
Choose your outfit well. You should feel comfortable, but also make sure that it is ironed and not damaged. Avoid clothing with distracting patterns and cutouts. We spin until we get what we need. So, enjoy it and bring all your favorite outfits! In short, bring clothes that you are comfortable with. You will be amazed at the difference it makes in how people feel in front of the camera in their favorite outfit.

– Hair and makeup

No makeup for men!
For women’s makeup, we want to keep it simple. We don’t want distracting patterns or cutouts in clothes, and we don’t want thick makeup. Once we have the photos you want, you can adjust your makeup if you would like more photos

– But I’m not photogenic!

Houllllaa (in French!), Stop it! Seriously?
You may not have seen a photo of yourself that you like, but you are photogenic!
Let me take care of it. Being photogenic means doing the right thing in front of the camera. And that part is not your responsibility, it is mine. The goal of these photo sessions is to get a headshot that shows a confident and approachableperson. It’s perfectly normal not to be comfortable in front of a camera, but with time and good coachingwe can get this photo that shows the confidence and approachability we will be looking for … don’t worry, you can leave that part to me.

– How do I access my photos?

At the end of the shooting we will choose the photos that best suit you.
You will immediately receive a link to the online gallery (if the session takes place in the studio) and can pay immediately after the session ends.
Once payment has been made, you will receive an email with a link within 24 hours and your edited photos will be available.
You can download your photos in different formats (Optimized for LinkedInXing ..)

– What does the retoucher do?

Not too much retouching !!
Oh no! I want your photos to look like you, to be authentic. I will touch up the imperfections, harmonize the color of the skin, organize the hair, remove the fluff from clothes to get a photo of very high quality and above all natural.

– But, I don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera and it shows in the photos that have already been taken!

Take your first #HEADSHOTHERAPY.
We’ll take the photos and have fun doing it.
You won’t see the elapsed time and believe me, as the minutes go by you will become more and more comfortable. After your session, you won’t be the same in front of a camera